Referral Program

Referral Program

Springboard wants to reward you for referring friends to enroll in Springboard courses. We have prepared the following answers to frequently asked questions to help you understand how the program works.  Following the FAQs below are the Terms and Conditions of the Springboard Referral Program (“Referral T&C”). The FAQs are non-binding explanations provided for convenience.  Any referral fee or discount is subject to the Referral T&C.

How do I know if I qualify for a referral bonus?

You qualify for a referral bonus if you are a brand new Springboard student who has never enrolled in any of our courses before, and you have a friend who has invited you with their code!

How many times can I use a referral bonus?

You can only use the referral bonus once when you enroll for your first Springboard course.

Can I use a referral bonus in conjunction with another discount?

No, the referral bonus may not be used in conjunction with any other discounts.  You will have to choose the single bonus or discount that you wish to apply for your enrollment.

Referral Program Terms and Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions of the Springboard Referral Program (“Referral T&C”) govern discounts or payments for referring users of Springboard or being referred to Springboard.  Capitalized terms not defined herein shall be given such meaning as provided in the Terms of Service. The Referral T&C may be modified at any time and without prior notice.  Your continued participation after such modifications have been posted shall constitute consent to the modified terms.

Individuals who are presently enrolled in a paid Program (“Students”) and individuals who mentor students in a paid Course (“Mentors”) may invite individuals who have not previously signed up for Springboard (“Friends”) to enroll in a Course. Students and Mentors each have a unique referral link and/or promo code (“Referral Code”) to provide Friends with.

Discounts for Friends. Subject to the terms of this Referral T&C, when a Friend uses the Referral Code, they’ll receive a $250 discount on the Course fees for the first month. Friends may not use the Referral Code in conjunction with any other discount or promotion, so you will only receive a credit if a Friend uses the Referral Code for enrollment.

Credits for Students. Students will earn a $250 credit for each Qualified Referral. The credit may be applied to future Program fees or past amounts paid.   

Credits for Mentors. Mentors will earn a $250 credit for each Qualified Referral. The credit will be payable as set forth in the Payments section below.

Qualifications. The term “Course” means any of the following: Data Science Career Track, Introduction to Data Science, Intermediate Data Science: Python, Business Analytics, UX Design, Introduction to Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity Career Track, Digital Marketing for Professionals or Digital Marketing Career Track. The term “Qualifying Referral” means a referral by a Student or Mentor to a Friend that meets all of the terms, qualifications and restrictions set forth in this Referral T&C, for which the Friend has paid and completed at least 10 days of the Course.

Restrictions. Referral Codes may not be posted in a public forum. Referral Codes are meant to be shared with friends through email or social media where the recipients of the Referral Code are connected to the Student or Mentor sharing the Referral Code. Referral Codes are not meant for deal websites or forums or other media where a substantial portion of the recipients does not have a personal connection to the Student or Mentor sharing the Referral Code. The Company may deactivate a Referral Code at any point for any reason or no reason. Once a Referral Code has been deactivated, no discount may be redeemed by a Friend and no discount or credit may be awarded to a Student or Mentor for use of such Referral Code.

Credits under this Referral Program may not be used in conjunction with any other discount or promotion.  A Qualified Referral must utilize a Referral Code exclusive of any other discount or promotion. All determinations as to the eligibility for a discount or credit are made in the sole discretion of the Company.  This Referral Program may be terminated at any time. In the event of termination, no future credits or discounts will be awarded. You may not use your Referral Code for your own enrollment in a Course.

Payments. Payments for Qualified Referrals will be calculated and paid to Mentors on a monthly basis. Payments, discounts, and credits may be subject to taxes.  If required, any such payment, discount or credit is conditioned upon the Company receiving the necessary tax paperwork from the Student or Mentor, such as a W-9 or W-8BEN. The Company may withhold any payment amounts if required by law.

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